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VAB Virus Air Blocker

VAB Virus Air Blocker

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Pioneer of spatial disinfection

Spatial sterilization

By the power of chlorine dioxide, disinfection and deodorant around the body! More effective in a poorly ventilated space.

"Virus Air Blocker" is a compact design that can be used by easily carrying the disinfectant and deodorizing power of chlorine dioxide, such as lowering it from the neck or attaching it to the chest pocket with a clip.

Main use scene of the space sterilization

The secret of power is solid chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is usually used in liquids, but through research, it has been successfulin solidification and can be easily sterilized and deodorized.

What is chlorine dioxide?


Chlorine dioxide has the power to oxidize viruses and odors and destroy them from the original.

Safety has been certified and guaranteed by the FDA and the World Health Organization (WHO), which has one of the world's most stringent evaluation standards, and has already been injected into water purification and pools in the United States, Canada, europe, and elsewhere. In Japan, the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare allows the use of tap water to be processed and to disinfect the pool.

Main product specifications


Exterior size 80mm (w) x 115mm (H) x 15mm (D)
Product size 95mm (w) x 75mm (H)
Expiration date

2 years unopened after production / 1.5 months after start of use

Product weight


Test 1

Test content: Concentration measurement when 10g of chlorine dioxide is placed in volume 1 ×1 (cubic centimeters)

Date: March 2, 2011

Institution: Maple Biolaboratories Co., Ltd.

Test Run 2

Test content: Effect on microorganisms when virus blockers are installed in a sealed space of about 1≥(cubic centimeters)

Date: September 14, 2011

Institution: Maple Biolaboratories Co., Ltd.


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