Legal notice

Sale company name Company Art, Value
Administration unification person in charge Akira Takahara
The location 5-17-7, Kugahara, Ota-ku, Tokyo 301
Phone number 03-4570-0581
E-mail address info at mark
Sale URL
Means of payment

A credit card: C.O.D.: Bank transfer:

About the wholesale (for business use) sale credit, the electronic money settlementIt is not available.

It is の other than the product price
Necessary amount of money

In the case of C.O.D., it is a collect on delivery fee
A collect on delivery fee: As for less than trust amount of money 10,000 yen, as for less than 30,000 yen, less than 100,000 yen shall pay 1,000 yen to us to 300,000 yen more than 600 yen, 100,000 yen more than 400 yen, 30,000 yen more than 300 yen, 10,000 yen because of 1 invoice. [it takes a road consumption tax]

The domestic postage: It is 580 yen nationwide

The overseas postage: Cf. delivery page

Sales figures From nothing
Application expiration date ●I would like it within six days.
●When there is not the receipt of money for six days, it should be cancellation.
Product delivery time If there is not a designation day, in the case of payment in advance, I send it out after receipt of money confirmation in less than six business days.
If there is not a designation day, in the case of collect on delivery, I send it out after order confirmation within a business day on 6th.
If there is not a designated day, in the case of other payment methods, I send it out after an order within a business day on 6th.
In the case of deferred payment, please receive money within six days after the arrival to the product.
Product delivery method It is the delivery by the transportation company after arrangement in us
About returned goods, a defective article In the case of "the mistake of a defective article, our product ," we bear it.
If there are accidents such as damage delivering, please contact us.
The postage, a fee is our burden together and sends a new article immediately.

[targeted for returned goods]
In the case of "the mistake of a defective article, our product"

[returned goods time]
When there is communication within three days after the purchase, it becomes refundable.

[returned goods method]
I refund it by an email, and, please call.
I transfer the purchase price to a designated account within three days.
To expression and a product
Instructions to relate to

There is individual difference in expression and plasticity shown in this product,
There is not necessarily it with the thing which I guaranteed profit and an effect.