Privacy policy

This privacy policy explains collection, use of the personal information, a joint ownership method when I visit (following "site") or I purchase it.

Personal information to collect
The specific information about the device including a part of Cookie installed in a Web browser, an IP address, a time zone, a device is collected automatically when I access the site. Furthermore, we collect the individual web pages that a visitor reads or the information about the product, the website where a visitor referred to a site or a search term and the information about the exchanges with the site when a visitor reads a site. I call this information collected automatically "device information".

I collect device information using the next technology.
-"Cookie" is data file placed to a device or the computer, and an identifier of the anonymous one idea is included in many cases. About the method to invalidate details and Cookie of Cookie, it is http: Please access //
-"The log file" collects the data such as / thyme stamps in pursuit of the action that occurred in a site on an IP address, the kind of the browser, internet service provider, reference / end page, a date.
-"Web beacon", "a tag", "the pixel" are electronic file to be used to record the information about the reading method of the site.
-[by the explanation of the [other types of chases technology that I used insertion]]

Furthermore, I collect specific information such as the name of the visitor, request address, delivery address, the payment information when a visitor tries the purchase or the purchase through this site (by the payment type of [[and others including the credit card number insertion]]) ), an e-mail address, a phone number. I call this information "order information".

[I insert the [other information that I collected:] Off-line data, list of marketing data /]] which I purchased

When I talk about "the personal information" by this privacy policy, I talk about both device information and order information.

How do you use personal information?
Using the order information that we collect, I usually handle orders carried out through a site (including the offer of handling of payment information, arrangement of the shipment, a bill and/or the order confirmation). Furthermore, I perform next using this order information.
-I communicate with you.
-There is not a potential risk or fraud or sorts an order. And
-Along the setting that I shared with us, I offer the information about our product or service or an advertisement.
-[by other uses of the [order information insertion]]

Using the device information that collected, to sort potential risk and fraud (IP address of the visitor in particular), and to more generally evaluate the success of the improvement of the site and the site that optimizes (by, e.g., generating reading of the customer and the analysis about the operation method) and our marketing and the advertisement campaign;).

[I insert other uses of the device information including less than [:] Advertisement / re-targeting]]

Personal information sharing
I share the personal information of the visitor with a third party to support use of the personal information of the visitor as above. For example, I enhance an online store using Shopify. Know a lot how Shopify uses personal information; https: Look at // In addition, using Google hole re-Thich, it allows it to be understood how a visitor uses a site. How does Google use personal information; https? Look at // In addition, it is https: From // Google Analytics opto-; can get.

Finally I may share personal information to accept a summons, a search warrant, legal demand for other information to obey applied law and regulation or to protect a right by other methods.

Action advertisement
As described above, we provide a target advertisement considered to be interested in a visitor or marketing communication using the personal information of the visitor. For more information about the structure of the target advertisement, it is http: Please access the education page of Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI") of //

Using the following links a target advertisement opto-; can get.
-[] to include an opto-out link in from service during [use]

Furthermore, it is http: Access opto-out portal of Digital Advertising Alliance of //; and a part of these services opto-; can get.

I do not chase it
When Do Not Track signal is displayed by a browser, please be careful about not changing data collection and the usage of the site.

Your right
In the case of a European resident, I have a right to access personal information

You (visitor) agree that I allow a third party to handle your IP address by using our Web site to pinpoint your place for the purpose of currency conversion. In addition, I agree that I store the currency in session Cookie of your browser. (temporary Cookie which when close a browser, is deleted automatically.) this a price of the visitor is because the currency which was chosen when read a Web site is maintained at a chosen state to convert it into a local currency (the visitor).