Shipping policy

About normal delivery


After ordering, it will usually be shipped within 1 to 3 business days.

All over Japan: 580 yen

Overseas shipping destination: See the table below

Product weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East, Europe South America, Africa
Up to 500g 870 yen 970 yen 1070 yen
From 500g to 1kg 1300 yen 1420 yen 1620 yen
From 1kg to 1.5kg 1700 yen 1960 yen 2260 yen
From 1.5kg to 2kg 2000 yen 2500 Yen 2900 yen

When using Yamato's delivery and payment, credit card payment and electronic money payment cannot be used for overseas orders and overseas shipments. (For Japan only. Overseas is Japan Post)

About each product weight

Product name Weight per item
VAB virus air blocker 35g
CL90 blocker spin 85g
VAB virus air blocker for refill 1 piece ※Art value shop exclusive product 10 g
CL-90 Spin for refill 1 piece 30 g
CL-300 Disinfectant/deodorant spray (2-liquid mixed type) chlorine dioxide gas aqueous solution 350 g