CL-300 anti・bacterial and deodorizing spray (2 liquid mixture type) chlorine dioxide aqueous solution. Virus effectiveness of the laboratory tested


the deodorant in the comfort and eradication is assured. A comfortable space provided.

The CL-300 is chlorine dioxide in the power of any applications in the comfortable space we provide!

Deodorizing room・toilet・door・shoebox・Smoking room・garbage・pet around, etc.
sterilization care room・kitchen・drains・cutting boards, etc.

Two-liquid mixing benefits of

stabilized chlorine dioxide and an activator, by mixing fast-acting, but a higher deodorizing antibacterial effect.


  • deodorant 8 big stink called smelling all effect.

  • Sterilization strong oxidation action of the virus or bacteria is removed.

  • Mildew off mildew how to prevent it.

Product details  

●stabilized chlorine dioxide aqueous solution 270ml+30ml (activator)

●activity after the chlorine dioxide concentration (approximately 250ppm)

the main component ●stabilized chlorine dioxide(sodium chlorite solution)

●chlorine dioxide aqueous solution (active after treatment) (ph5~6)


●stabilized chlorine dioxide and an activator, by mixing fast-acting, but a higher deodorizing antibacterial effect.

Effect(virus efficacy trials completed)

●off-odor 8 big stink called smelling all effect.

● Remove bacteria a strong oxidation action of the virus or bacteria are removed.

● Mildew off mildew how to prevent it.

Using Place

●home indoor, floors, walls, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, etc.

●public facilities, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, nurseries, etc.

- any other poultry farm,pig farm, Smoking rooms, etc.


●body spray on the activator used as well.

● Mixed 1 month from the powerful effect you can.

If so, how to save to keep in mind.

(Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature place please don't.)

Expiration date

●unopened 1 year

●activator mixture after 1 month

●package mentioned manufacturing date from the activator first mixed at a dark place and store in 1 year

●activator after put the dark storage in 1 month

●our test, the dark storage time 1 Day 1 ppm concentration of the drops, ultraviolet rays, and if continue to 5 ppm concentrations on the drops as you can,then please use.

Usage note

●the prescribed dosage to keep using it.

● Metal(iron, tinplate, copper, etc.) to directly spray the rust may be avoided.

● Beverage is not.

● High temperature, avoid direct sunlight and good ventilation places, out of the reach of children keep out.

First aid

●of the reach of children and store it.

● If swallowed if large quantities of water quickly drink it and spit it.

● One,if product gets into eyes, flush immediately with large amounts of water rinse.

● The product has a slight bleaching action to colored textile and leather products directly do not use.

● High temperature and avoid direct sunlight,in a dark cool and the Music Group products are sold through authorized fullfillers and Resellers only.

● The human body or a pet sprayed directly on The does not require.

Virus efficacy trials implemented

Heisei 20 years 7 months 11 days

Japan Kitasato Environmental Science Center,

North ring shots 20_0011 No.


"Sodium hypochlorite" is known as a liquid agent that has disinfection and deodorizing effects. There are the following differences from stabilized chlorine dioxide.

Stabilized chlorine dioxide Sodium hypochlorite

by oxygen atoms contained in free chlorine dioxide

By oxidation action, it demonstrates the effect of disinfection, deodorization, etc.

It demonstrates the effect of sterilization, deodorization, etc. by the oxidation action of hypochlorous acid.

Some chlorine reactions (chlorination) also occur.

If activation (free chlorine dioxide by adding acid, etc.) is not performed, the effect is weak.

However, once activated, the effect does not decrease even if it is alkaline.

The effect is weak in alkalinity.
Trihalomethane is not produced. It produces harmful compounds such as trihalomethane.
The effect hardly decreases even if ammonia and various organic matter are included.

The effect weakens by reacting with ammonia and various organic matter.

Or it disappears.

Long-term preservation is good

(Quality assurance period 1 year)

Not good for long-term storage

(Large concentration decrease)

Compared to sodium hypochlorite,

Handling is relatively easy.

The raw liquid is strongly alkaline,

Odors also require strong attention to handling.

It is more expensive than sodium hypochlorite. The price is inexpensive.

About regular shipping


After ordering, we usually ship within 1-3 business days.

Uniform nationwide in Japan: 580 yen

Overseas shipping destinations: See table below

Product weight Asia Oceania, North America, Central America, Middle East, Europe South America, Africa
Up to 500g 870 yen 970 yen 1070 yen
From 500g to 1kg 1,300 yen 1420YEN 1620YEN
From 1kg to 1.5kg 1,700 yen 1960YEN 2,260 yen
From 1.5kg to 2kg 2,000 yen 2,500 yen 2,900 yen

When using Yamato's delivery and payment, credit card payment and electronic money payment cannot be used for orders from overseas or for shipping overseas. (Limited to Japan.) Japan Post overseas)

About each product weight

Product name Weight per product
VAB Virus Airblocker 35g
CL90 Blocker Spin 85g
VAB virus air blocker refill 1 piece ※ Art Value Shop exclusive product 10g
CL-90 Spin Refill 1 Piece 30g
CL-300 Disinfection and Deodorization Spray (2-Liquid Mixing Type) Chlorine Dioxide Gas Aqueous Solution 350g

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