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CL-90 spin, refill for 1 PCs

CL-90 spin, refill for 1 PCs

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and put simply,unpleasant smell・bacteria・fungi・viruses-free!!

virus blocker spin

Deodorizing test

chlorine dioxide is mainly in the cell membrane act directly,strong oxidizing power, and odor of the original substance chemically oxidative decomposition of the Ministry of the environment specifications of the8 big smell and viruses and bacteria are removed.
virus blocker test results
The typical life stink (8 big smell)

1. Ammonia

toilet odor ingredients, meat putrid odor

2. Hydrogen sulfide
toilet odor ingredients, egg and vegetables ingredients

3. Methyl mercaptan

vegetable putrid odor

4. Sulfide methyl

vegetable putrid odor

5. Dioxide methyl

vegetable putrid odor

6. Trimethylamine

fish putrid odor

7. Styrene

plastic burning smell

8. Acetaldehyde

cigarette smell

virus disinfection result

exterior size


main body size


expiration date

unopened 2 years (exterior to the manufacturing date listed)/after opening 3 months

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