CL-90 Blocker Spin 1 each color

Color: Pinkness

*Through affiliates, we tested the antibacterial effect of CL-90 at a Chinese testing agency and proved that there is an average disinfection effect of 96.63%.

Just put it with a pop, shut out the nasty smell, fungus, mold, virus! !

Virus Blocker Spin

Deodorant test

Chlorine dioxide mainly acts directly on the cell membrane, and is a strong oxidizing force, and chemically decomposition of the substance that causes the odor, the Ministry of the Environment8. Remove sorority odors and viruses and bacteria.
Virus Blocker Test Results
Typical life stench (8 major stench)

1. Ammonia

Toilet odor ingredients, rotting smell of meat

2. Hydrogen sulfide
Toilet odor ingredients, egg and vegetable ingredients

3. Methyl mercaptan

The rotting smell of vegetables

4. Methyl sulfide

The rotting smell of vegetables

5. Methyl dioxide

The rotting smell of vegetables

6. Trimethylamine

Fish rot odor

7. Styrene

The smell of burning plastic

8. Acetaldehyde

The smell of tobacco

Virus sterilization results

Exterior size

85 (w) x 60 (H) x 85 (D) mm

Body size

75mm x 40 (H) mm

Expiration date

Unopened 2 years (description of the production date on the exterior) / about 3 months after opening

※The outer box to be sent is different from the image.



"Sodium hypochlorite" is known as a liquid agent that has disinfection and deodorizing effects. There are the following differences from stabilized chlorine dioxide.

Stabilized chlorine dioxide Sodium hypochlorite

by oxygen atoms contained in free chlorine dioxide

By oxidation action, it demonstrates the effect of disinfection, deodorization, etc.

It demonstrates the effect of sterilization, deodorization, etc. by the oxidation action of hypochlorous acid.

Some chlorine reactions (chlorination) also occur.

If activation (free chlorine dioxide by adding acid, etc.) is not performed, the effect is weak.

However, once activated, the effect does not decrease even if it is alkaline.

The effect is weak in alkalinity.
Trihalomethane is not produced. It produces harmful compounds such as trihalomethane.
The effect hardly decreases even if ammonia and various organic matter are included.

The effect weakens by reacting with ammonia and various organic matter.

Or it disappears.

Long-term preservation is good

(Quality assurance period 1 year)

Not good for long-term storage

(Large concentration decrease)

Compared to sodium hypochlorite,

Handling is relatively easy.

The raw liquid is strongly alkaline,

Odors also require strong attention to handling.

It is more expensive than sodium hypochlorite. The price is inexpensive.

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About each product weight

Product name Weight per product
VAB Virus Airblocker 35g
CL90 Blocker Spin 85g
VAB virus air blocker refill 1 piece ※ Art Value Shop exclusive product 10g
CL-90 Spin Refill 1 Piece 30g
CL-300 Disinfection and Deodorization Spray (2-Liquid Mixing Type) Chlorine Dioxide Gas Aqueous Solution 350g

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