About Blocker Spins

* An antibacterial effect test using CL-90 was conducted by a Chinese inspection organization through an affiliated company, and it was proven that it has an average disinfection effect of 96.63%.

Shut out unpleasant odors, bacteria, mold, viruses just by putting it with a pong! !

Virus Blocker Spin

Deodorization test

Chlorine dioxide mainly acts directly on cell membranes and chemically oxidizes and decomposes substances that cause bad odors with strong oxidizing power, so it is designated by the Ministry of the Environment.Removes 8 major odors, viruses and bacteria.
Virus Blocker Test Results
Typical life stench (8 major odors)

1. Ammonia

Toilet odor ingredients, meat rot odor

2. Hydrogen sulfide
Toilet odor components, egg and vegetable ingredients

3. Methyl Mercaptan

Rotting smell of vegetables

4. Methyl sulfide

Rotting smell of vegetables

5. Methyl dioxide

Rotting smell of vegetables

6. Trimethylamine

The rotting smell of fish

7. Styrene

The smell of burning plastic

8. Acetaldehyde

The smell of cigarettes

Virus disinfection results

Exterior size

85 (w) ×60 (H) ×85 (D) mm

Body size


Expiration date

Unopened 2 years (the date of manufacture is described on the exterior) / about 3 months after opening

※ The outer box to be sent is different from the image.