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Art value became the official sponsor of Tokyo Hata Vickers from July 2020.

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If it is true, the sports team should show a great rise to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics at present time.

However, the pro sports team who has not been able to do the satisfaction of the game even the foolish practice by the corona coma that is globally bulky now needs much support.

Why is a sports team? Watching sports is not necessary in a difficult time.

Therefore, is it possible to support the sports team?

Sports teams that are close to local and local are not only the aspects of providing entertainment, but also the creation of the connection between local people through sport, youth education and multicultural coexistence.

The connection of the region, the sound nurturing of the youth, and the multicultural coexistence are the necessary elements in the Japanese society in the future, and the understanding and the continual support are indispensable indispensable.

What is the value of the value of our company?

It is thought that we can support the survival of the local professional sports team by supporting both the mind and the mind so that the player and the team staff can be able to operate even in a little bit at ease.

Aiming for a bright and rich society, art value actively supports sport teams and organizations that are doing regional activities.

Art value Co., Ltd.

Managing director

Takahara Akira