Power ① freshness maintenance except the sanitization of chlorine dioxide

I used solid chlorine dioxideOf the fruit pass and is examined a change at time

[examination contents]

Arrange mandarin oranges to a cardboard box, and install the mandarin orange with mold bacteria midmost, and enter the nonwoven fabric with 18 g of solid chlorine dioxide agents (9 g *2) on the left side; of each passed, and observed a change at time.

[the start 36th day]

By the solid agent use (the left), the outbreak of the mold caused by the spray of water was not seen in the left side to mold bacteria of the thing with some Itami. In solid agent-free (the right), mold occurred, and the corruption smell with it made it.

Mandarin orange corrosion testMandarin orange corrosion test 2


[the start 43rd day]

Although there was it, by the solid agent use (the left), the progress of Itami was not still seen in the outbreak of the mold. In solid agent-free (the right), corrosion, a corruption smell became more remarkable.

Mold bacteria outbreak nothingThere is mold bacteria outbreak


[examination contents]

Enter the sealed container (the left, the right) made in Tupperware company with the mandarin orange which divided into half, and enter the nonwoven fabric with 13 g of tablets of solidity chlorine dioxide in one (the right); of each passed, and observed a change at time.

Mandarin orange corrosion テストタッパーイリ

[the start fourth day]

There is no change for tablet use (the left). A leather part of the mandarin orange of tablet-free (the right) did "ぐちゅぐちゅ".

Mandarin orange corrosion test 3The mandarin orange corrosion test twelfth day

[the start twelfth day]

Tablet use (the left) cannot confirm the change. Tablet-free (the left) was able to identify blue mold as white.

The mandarin orange lastMandarin orange corrosion test last 2

[the start 18th day]

As for the tablet use (the left), skin was able to confirm hurt. Tablet-free (the right) was covered with green mold.


[the effect that I can expect]

Effect to let I delay the oxidation of the fruit, and ingredients last a long time


  • I am oxidized and break down the material of the bad smell
  • There are few smells
  • An effect lasts
  • I do not produce a cancer-causing agent

[other use uses]

  • Deodorization and sanitization of the cages of a kitchen, a shoe cupboard, a restroom, the inside of car, the pet
  • Refrigerator, freshness product delivery and freshness maintenance of the freshness product in safekeeping boxes